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AC maintenance and all you need to know about it in 2021[Latest Guide]

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AC maintenance and all you need to know about it in 2021[Latest Guide]

AC Filter

Your AC unit, just like any other equipment, needs proper maintenance to perform efficiently and effectively. One of the components that play a vital role in the maximum performance of the AC unit is filters.

Dirty and clogged filters can have adverse effects on the cooling as well as the adjoining components.

 In this, article we will discuss in detail AC maintenance, how to increase the life of your AC unit and how dirty AC filter affects the cooling of your AC unit.

Along with this, you’ll also get to know about the benefits of replacing and cleaning AC filters frequently. So, without further delay, let’s get into it!

Can a Dirty AC Filter Cause an AC to Not Cool?

If you are thinking a dirty AC filter might affect your AC cooling. Then yes, you are right.

Dirty and clogged AC filters can seriously affect the system effectiveness and efficiency of the Air Conditioner’s system and consequently result in insufficient cooling.

 Some of the signs that may be directing you to replace the AC filters are mentioned below:

  1. Overheating of the AC unit
  2. Increased electricity bills
  3. The AC vents do not blow like they normally should
  4. Build-up of dust around air vents
  5. Facing frequent allergies

Significant Problems Caused by A Dirty AC Filter

  1. Short Cycling

Short cycling is referred to when an air-conditioner shuts the internal cooling system of the unit earlier than usual and then starts back again after a short pause.

One of the causes of short cycling is dirty AC filters, and it can become a serious problem for the unit if not taken care of in time. It can severely affect the internal components of the AC unit and result in compressor burnout.

This will require replacing the vital components and compressor prematurely from the AC unit.

Besides this, short cycling also produces irritating noise pollution and high energy wastage, along with uneasy temperature changes.

  1. AC Unit freeze

Normally a well cleaned and unclogged AC filter lets the air pass through the system freely without any obstruction.

However, a dirty and clogged AC filter obstructs the free flow of air out of the AC unit.

Hence, resulting in the build-up of cold air inside the AC unit that decreases the internal temperature of the unit.

So, if this build up of cold air is prolonged and the internal keeps decreasing regularly then, it can lead to cold air changing its form and turning into ice.

The cold air turned into ice will clog the unit’s coils. Consequently, affecting the functionality of affected, as well as adjoining components.

  1. Inadequate cooling

If your AC filter is not clogged enough to cause freezing, it can still hinder the cooling of the AC.

This happens because the dirty and clogged AC filter doesn’t allow air to pass through freely, which in return causes uneven and inadequate cooling by the AC unit.

You’ll experience several uneven colds and hot spots in the room or space your AC is installed. This means you’re compromising your units effectiveness and incurring high electric costs as your unit will run non stop trying to cool your home.

  1. Increased wear and tear and reduced system efficiency

It’s essential to adequately maintain your AC unit for a longer life of the system. A good quality AC filter can help prevent the build-up of dirt and dust in the internal components.

 On the other hand, a cheap quality AC filter can result in increased general wear and tear of the unit, thus, reducing the life of the components and entire AC unit in general.

Moreover, dirty AC filters can also lead to diminishing efficiency of the system because it causes hindrance in the smooth and normal functioning of the internal components of the AC unit.

How Often Should I Replace My AC Filter?

It depends on whether your AC unit came with a reusable AC filter or one that can be replaced on and off.

 If you have a reusable AC filter then, you need to take care of the cleaning yourself, or you can also enlist the help of a professional company.

 Cleaning needs to be done every 45-90 days for optimal efficiency. Similarly for other types of AC filters that are replaceable should be replaced every 30 days.

 However, make sure you get the right type and size of AC filter that suits your AC unit.

AC maintenance

What Are the Benefits of Replacing AC Filters?

  1. Enhanced life of your AC unit

As you know, dirty and clogged AC filters affect the internal components and increase the wear and tear faced by the unit.

 So, replacing AC filters every month can let the air flow without any obstruction and keep the overall AC unit healthy.

 This also results in minimum wear and tear daily, which means the AC unit will have an enhanced and prolonged life.

  1. Better energy utilization

It is very possible that your old AC filter is causing your electricity bill to increase, along with insufficient energy utilization.

You can fight this problem by replacing the already installed AC filter with a new one.

This will lead to better energy utilization as all components will be working at optimal functionality, wasting less energy and bringing your electricity bill back to normal.

  1. Aids in keeping the ductwork clear

Due to the clogging of the AC filter, the ductwork, which are vents responsible for proper cooling, is infiltrated with dirt and dust.

 Hence, replacing the existing AC filters every month can prevent dust and dirt buildup in the ductwork providing obstruction-free passage for ventilation and cool air passage.

  1. Improved quality of air

Replacing the AC filter frequently can help keep a good atmosphere in the house. You’ll witness less dust in the space where the AC is installed.

Moreover, if you were facing allergies before because of the clogged and dirty AC filters then, you’ll see a significant decline in the allergens in the atmosphere.

Less dusting will be required, and you and your family will feel much more comfortable with the improved cooled and clean air.

AC’s Maintenance Is The Key

Dirty AC Filter

For an AC unit to function effectively and efficiently, you need to prioritize regular maintenance of the unit’s components that include the coils, filters, fins, etc.

AC Filters

The first and most important component to maintain is the AC Filter. By just taking care of the AC filters, you’ll be able to boost the efficiency of the unit drastically.

Therefore, make sure you change or clean your AC Filters every month so that the airflow is obstruction-free. AC filters might need constant maintenance if the unit is in constant use, you’ve got pets, or you have a dusty environment.

AC Coils

The AC unit’s condenser and evaporator coils collect dirt and dust over the years as it is used. Therefore a clean filter is essential in helping prevent clogged evaporator coils.

However, this can not entirely stop the dirt from entering the coils. This dirt, as a result, will reduce the airflow and insulate the coil, which will obstruct air flow.

Therefore, to avoid this, you need to check on your coils throughout the year and clean them if required, or have an experienced technician do a routine coil cleaning.

Furthermore, outdoor condenser coils can be clogged up by dirt if your environment, in general, is dusty. The dirt buildup on the condenser coil can be easily seen, along with the dirt collected on the fins.

You need to work towards minimizing this dirt build-up on the condenser coils. So, you must keep them clean as well as make sure your environment is clean too.

AC Coil Fins

The aluminum fins on the evaporator and condenser coils can easily be bent and block the airflow through the coils. There is a tool available in the market by the name of “fin comb.” These tools help to comb back the fins to their original condition.

AC Drains

To see if the drains are working properly, try passing a firm wire through the drain channels. Clogged drains can hinder the reduction of humidity that results in excess moisture which consequently, leads to discolored walls and carpets and can cause mildew and mold inside of your sheetrock.

Hiring Professionals for AC Maintenance

Although this regular maintenance is important, for most homes this is not enough for your AC unit. So, acquiring the help of experts for your AC unit’s maintenance might be your best option.

Air System Designs

Air System Designs is an HVAC service company that focuses on providing affordable and high-quality services related to HVAC and AC unit maintenance in Bell County and the adjacent areas.

AC Maintenance Services

If you wish to expand your AC unit’s life at affordable rates then, Air System Designs’ AC maintenance services are the best bet for you.

There has a comprehensive maintenance program that covers maintenance in all of the internal components of your AC unit.


Maintenance is essential for the optimal performance and effectiveness of your AC unit. AC filter maintenance performs a key role in the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the unit.

 Replacing them frequently keeps the AC system up to date. Apart from this, keeping a good eye on the internal components and incorporating regular service can increase the life of the AC unit significantly, reducing your out of pocket costs and saving you money every year from reduced power bills.

If the need for more complex and professional level maintenance arises then, you can consult with an expert service provider like Air System Designs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  1. Why does my AC filter get dirty so fast?

Usually, one-inch pleated filters get clogged quickly. This happens because such kinds of filters are designed to attract more airborne contaminants that result in collecting dirt and dust relatively fast.

  1. Can I run my AC without a filter for one night?

Yes, your AC will be operational even without a filter. However, this can cause severe damage to your AC unit’s component. Thus, it isn’t advisable to run your AC without a filter.

The damage done by this can adhere to a large expense bill related to the repairs of the AC unit. 

  1. What is done for AC maintenance?

Several things are done for AC maintenance that includes changing air filters, cleaning coils, removing debris from the AC unit, and straitening of the coils. This will also depend on the service provider you choose. Make sure your provider conducts a full inspection and service plan for your unit.

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