Insulation Services

Insulation is a vital part of your home. When your home or building reaches your desired temperature it makes sure that it stays that way for a long as possible. Without efficient insulation your home loses that conditioned air and you literally have money seeping out of your home.

Inefficient and outdated insulation also causes your AC unit to work harder than it has to, increasing your energy bill and putting more mileage on your unit. The more your unit is in operation, the quicker parts deteriorate, break down and require replacement.

When Should I Replace My Insulation

Normally, standard fiberglass insulation will be effective for 15 years, after that it starts to lose its efficiency. Although in some instances you may want to replace sooner. If your home or building has experienced water damage, mold, pests, roof leakage or if your insulation has started to compress, then you’ll want to seek replacement. Blown in attic insulation needs to remain fluffy and light in order for it to maintain the highest R-value as possible. The R-value of your insulation represents its resistance to the flow of heat through a given thickness and if your insulation becomes moist or compressed you will lose the desired temperature inside your home at a much faster rate.

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Benefits Of Replacing Your Insulation

You’ll see numerous benefits from replacing your insulation, all of which more than justify the cost to do so. With the right contractor the process is quick, painless and leaves you with a more efficient home for more than a decade. The benefits you’ll see from replacing your insulation include…