Vent A Hood Cleaning

The restaurant industry maintains high standards when it comes to the cleanliness of their facilities and practices. As they should, after all they are serving the public food. There are many regulations and requirements inside of an industrial kitchen; date dots, sanitizer and gloves just to name a few. Restaurants go to extreme measures to ensure that their kitchen is up to code and keeps their customers and staff safe, especially so during the COVID 19 pandemic. But one piece of the kitchen infrastructure that may go overlooked or may not get the attention that it deserves is the vent a hood. A proper and regular vent a hood cleaning is necessary when it comes to the cleanliness of your kitchen.

Your vent a hood helps carry heat and fumes away from your employees making a safe working environment for everyone in the kitchen. Think of it as a mini vacuum above your grill that carries away the unwanted air and temperatures leaving your kitchen comfortable and safe for those working there. Along with the unwanted air that the vent a hood carries also comes grease particles which begin to build up along your vents. If left unattended, you not only run the risk of damage to your ventilation system, but you risk old grease dripping onto your grill during operations which run a health risk that none of us are comfortable with.

How Often Do I Need To Have My Vent A Hood Cleaned?

Although daily cleanings and upkeep are required, deep cleaning and sanitization of your system are recommended every three three months for a kitchen that is in daily operation. There are several methods used to deep clean your vent a hood, pressure washing being the most utilized and safest method as it does not require the utilization or harsh chemicals.

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The Benefits Of A Clean Vent A Hood

Having a clean vent a hood benefits your operations, your employees and your customers in multiple ways. Ventilation System- Ensuring that your system is free from debris and excessive grease allows free passage of air through the vents and system. If left untreated, your system could fail and result in a costly repair bill. A clean system is a happy system! Employees- A vent a hood system is mandatory for your employees as it keeps them cool and removes dangerous CO2 and fumes away from their working space. A clean system allows for the most effective system for your employees! Customers- Your customers deserve and expect clean food on their plates. Having a clean vent a hood system ensures that old grease does not drop from the ventilation system and onto their food!